Features of EasyInspect

Cloud software for Drone Inspections


Create online and interactive reports from custom templates.
Report data is pulled from metadata, images and annotations to create the most comprehensive reports to date.

The report template designer allows you to create reports with the look and feel you need. Or you can just use one of our predefined templates.

Open a demo report


Add additional data by your choice to you inspections, images and annotations. Metadata is dynamic and can be defined by you to fit your workflows and report templates.

Metadata can be simple datatypes like text, numbers, checkboxes and selection from predefined lists or more advanced relations to your CRM or custom databases.

Examples of metadata can be:
Customer, Contact, Inspector, Meeting point, Drone, Pilot, wind turbine, tower, needs repair, missing paint or similar. All data is available in the final reports.


Create annotations of damages, dirt and assets found in your inspection data. Each annotation can be defined by categories, classifications, notes and your custom metadata.

With the use of annotation categorizations, you can easily create reports for your customers, repair team, assurance and similar.

Custom Databases

Creating your own custom databases in EasyInspect allows for reuse of data.

A custom database can be Wind Farms and a second database could be Wind Turbines with a relation to the Wind farm database. Wind turbines can then be added as metadata to your inspection so you don’t have to add massive amounts of metadata fields and only have a single place to update your data.

Custom databases can be updated through the REST API, allowing for easy synchronization of data from your existing systems.


The whole platform is build around a REST API allowing you to create deep integrations with your existing systems. Zapier is supported, which provides access to 300+ default integrations without any coding abilities.

The API gives your access to everything and is consumed by our own frontend. It’s so well designed that we don’t have any direct calls to the databases anywhere in the EasyInspect cloud.

The API is versioned and available to all packages.

Open the developer documentation at http://docs.easyinspect.io/docs

Fast & Secure

We use secure and modern infrastructure with speed and security in mind.
All data transfer is encrypted by TLS/SSL and servers is DDoS protected.

Our server architecture is clustered for high availability, zero downtime deployment and is monitored 24/7. All servers uses SSD disks to ensure fast data access.

Data is backed up to external storage with high level encryptions.

Open the server status page at http://status.easyinspect.io

EasyInspect helps the world streamline and automate demanding inspection tasks. Our technology improves data quality whilst reducing CO2 emissions, reducing costs and improving the safety of human lives.

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