Save money on structural inspections
Fast inspections, with no need of scaffolds
Interactive reporting and easy sharing
EasyInspect is a drone inspection data analysis and reporting tool. Perform inspections cheaper, faster and with greater accuracy.

Wind turbine inspection

Create interactive reports for your blade inspections and share them with your customers and technical department. With custom metadata you can generate full reports with just the data you need.

With the annotation tool it’s easier than ever to point out damages.
The interactive reports allow you to zoom the high definition images.

Construction inspection

Whenever you need to create a perfect state report, 5 year review, or work sheet, EasyInspect will fit your needs. Gather all the informations and analyze the data with EasyInspect.

Don’t miss any information, and make the perfect workflow for your inspections with EasyInspect.


Document the state of your towers and antennas easily with EasyInspect. Create a complete assets report of the antennas mounted on your tower with positioning and customer information, or a damage report with information of missing bolts, rust and loose cables.

Customize your reports to your customers expectations.
Nothing more, nothing less.

EasyInspect helps the world streamline and automate demanding inspection tasks. Our technology improves data quality whilst reducing CO2 emissions, reducing costs and improving the safety of human lives.

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