Bridge Inspections Automated and Localized

Bring value and insight to your drone based inspections with Inspection Cloud.

Our data warehouse brings structure to your data for automated processing, analyzes and reporting.

Know the exact size and location of damages with real-time synchronization between 2D and 3D.

Localization and

Issue Detection

Cloud based
Data Warehouse

Localization and Synchronization

All data is calibrated during 3D generation so you subsequently can see in real-time where you are no matter if you work in 2D or 3D.

Observations from multiple images are grouped into true observations. The observations are simultaneously placed in the 3D space and can be seen from multiple images and angles

Any misinterpretations of artificial intelligence are corrected during grouping and the probability of correct data is increased.

Automated Issue Detection

In 1 day, our artificial intelligence detects the same number of observations as it will take 1 year for a human being.

Cloud based Data Warehouse

Data is normalized and enriched with processes like 3D modeling and Computer Vision and provides a solid foundation for data fusion.

Your data is secure and owned by you no matter if it’s stored it in the cloud or your datacenter.


Visual Inspections of Structures

Inspection Cloud is an online web platform for visual inspections of infrastructure. Inspection cloud facilitates tools to structure, analyze and report on images for faster and better issue detection.

Dependent on the quality of the uploaded data, features like 3D modeling and computer vision will be able to automate parts of the analysis.

Inspection Cloud is suitable for Owners, Operators and Services Teams.

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